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GTON8SZCRHFixes intermittent Domino server crash processing a MIME message, when using iNotes mail.
RAGG8RCL3T Fixes Internet Explorer 9 hang when using Domino Off Line Services (DOLS). If "Prompt for ID during download" is selected in Offline Security Policy...
MOSI8SEQA5Fixes issue where an iNotes user is not prompted to login after session expiration.
KMOA8VMARKFixes an issue specific to IE and Safari where filenames with special characters and some international encodings can appear garbled when...
YJSI8KY9QD Corrected the version of the Lotus iNotes ActiveX Installer as shown in the Add or Remove Programs dialog
JFOR862N9LFixes issue with FireFox where some iNotes features do no function properly if user does not accept Firefox signed script...
ESPR8SJJUQ Fixes issue where delegated users are unable to create new Calendar or Group ToDo entries.
HSKM8JK7B8Fixes a specific issue where an email is not sent if automatic spell check is enabled and there is no spelling error.
ANIA8MX8KVFixes issue when using iNotes with the Japanese language setting, where the font style is different between editing a message and in the received...
KKOO8FAE9ZFixes issue on Windows and iNotes where a 2nd user on a single machine can not create a local archive. This is a regression in...
KRAU8NAJQNFixes a problem with the MSI installer where a new version of the Activex was not being installed properly over the previous...
DSTT8P6QR6Fixes occasional iNotes server crash which presents Error Message = PANIC: LookupHandle: handle not allocated
CJMS8WM55NFixes problem where user opening delegated mail file, that had Sametime enabled, would receive errors on IE, if sidebar was opened. This is a...
SDOY8S6M75Addressed problems with iNotes delegation actions not executing in deployment configurations using Tivoli Access Manager.
PPET8YJQMLFixed an issue accessing the mail archive db from iNotes using Firefox 10 or greater, and when the INI iNotes_WA_FirefoxSignedScripts=0 is...
RAGG8PRQRRFix error with installing IBM Domino Off-Line Services Sync Manager client to Microsoft Windows 7 folder names
SDOY8J2MF4Fixes a problem on Windows where if you try to install offline or create local archive for multiple iNotes users on single Windows account, the first...
SDOY8R2DVHFixes a problem where a 2nd user on a single Windows account could not install DOLS via Firefox. This is a regression in 8.5.3.
VNTR8RBBXYFixed a problem where the number of unread documents selected by ctrl-a was not matching the actual number of unread correctly shown in the...
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